Hunters Creek Village Limos Dining & Drinks

Down the Street

5746 Larkin St | Houston, TX 77007 | (713) 880-3508
Down the Street really has a lot to offer our Houston Limos customers in the Hunters Creek Village area. The atmosphere is really conducive to the party vibe that you'll already be bringing. We've seen limousine groups get bigger as they mingle with other happy Down the Street customers and invite them to join for the ride! They've really got so much for you to enjoy here, including small plates and tapas style fare to satisfy those taste buds, and of course an impressive array of specialty cocktails, plus beer, wine, and spirits. There are new specials popping up every single day of the week so there's always something exciting to try. There's a night dedicated to Moscow Mules and even a night for steak! Mmm! The ping pong table provides you with a little something to do while you converse with your buds and get a little competitive! There are televisions here for your sports-watching or headline-watching needs, and they've even got free wi-fi. The best time to come in is during happy hour if you can make it, or anytime on Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays when it's lively and fun. Late night is always a prime time to be here. Great for Houston Limos groups!

Boneyard Drinkery

8150 Washington | Houston, TX 77007 | (832) 494-1600
Boneyard Drinkery is an interesting one! Why? Well, for starters, it's a combo of a bar and dog park! That's awesome if you're traveling with your pooch, but it's still cool if you're just traveling with a bunch of your buddies in a Houston Limos vehicle! Hanging out in the back with all the dogs running around rambunctiously, it'll bring out even more of your own rambunctious spirit, especially after a beer or two are in your system! And yes, it is very clean both indoors and out. No worries there. An interesting fact is that dogs are allowed but kids are not, so if your whole point of heading out in the limousine is to escape the kids for a little bit, you just might enjoy the adults-only atmosphere here! The rotating tap and can list will more than satisfy all the beer lovers, and they've even got some good wines for you to try as well. We enjoy it when they have food trucks on-premise, and that's pretty much the prime time to be there, in addition to happy hour or anytime on Thurs, Fri, or Sat! You'll be able to watch the game while you're here, another plus! The service here is just wonderful as well. Definitely a Houston Limos fave in Hunters Creek Village!


5922 Washington Ave | Houston, TX 77007 | (713) 868-1131
Benjy's is a fantastic lounge if you're there after the dinner hour, but to tell you the truth, our favorite time for Houston Limos customers to go there is during breakfast and brunch when they serve up some truly delectable creations. The mini muffins with apple butter are just delectable and we're obsessed with their shrimp omelets that are packed with yummy avocado and zucchini as well as other fresh veggies. They've got fresh donuts too, just in case that happens to be your weakness! It's certainly ours. Yum! The only sauce that's not homemade here is the ketchup, which we think is so impressive! You'll want to come back again and again just to try everything. They're very happy to work with you on reserving tables for large groups and they've even got spacious outdoor seating for your Houston Limos group's enjoyment. The top nights to come in are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, when the ambiance is really alive with the energy of all the happy weekender customers! Happy hour is a great time to enjoy all your favorite drinks on the cheap! We love how trendy and cool it is here. Clearly the kind of place where you'll want to spend some time!

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