Hilshire Village Limos Dining & Drinks

Petrol Station

985 Wakefield Dr | Houston, TX 77018 | (713) 957-2875
Petrol Station isn't a petrol station at all! It's a wonderful American style bar where you can kick back and enjoy a great meal with your Houston Limos friends in the Hilshire Village, Oak Forest, and Garden Oaks area. The macaroni and cheese is absolutely our top recommendation on the menu. Cannot get enough of it. The rancor burger is something that you will not be able to get enough of, and you'll love the fact that you can get your burgers with a nice fried egg on top here! The list of beers on tap is always a treat, with lots of craft selections that are so good you'll want to try them all! You'll have to make multiple trips with Houston Limos and do just that! Note that this is a beer and wine only establishment, absolutely no liquor on the premises. Not really a downside though because there are so many beers! Brewski lovers rejoice! They have free wi-fi and TVs here too, so you can stay connected to all the latest info and even watch the game while you're there. The best nights to come in are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The hours are 12-10 on Sunday, 5-12 Monday, 2-12 Tue-Thu, 11-12 Fri, and 11-1 Saturday. Do not miss this Houston Limos favorite!

Down the Street

5746 Larkin St | Houston, TX 77007 | (713) 880-3508
Down the Street is really a place that has it all for our Houston Limos customers in the Hilshire Village area. We're talking about tapas and small plates that will satisfy your taste buds and your tummy, beer wine and spirits that will soothe the soul, and a really solid selection of food on the menu that you'll love working your way through on multiple visits. Our Houston Limos chauffeurs will be more than happy to take you there, of course! They have exciting specials each day, including Moscow Mules on one night and steak night on another! There's a ping pong table to keep you plenty busy here while you chat it up with your friends. Might as well play a little a burn off some of those calories from the delicious food! The people who work here are honestly some of the nicest people that you will ever encounter here, there, or anywhere! Old fashioned service in a modern day atmosphere. The crowds that gather here tend to be on the young-ish side, between 25 and 35 in age, but everyone is welcome. Really fantastic selection of music here too, and though there's no dance floor, you just might find yourself shaking and shimmying right there in your seat. A Hilshire Village fave!


5922 Washington Ave | Houston, TX 77007 | (713) 868-1131
Benjy's is one that we recommend for breakfast or brunch to our Hilshire Village area Houston Limos customers when they're out and about early in the AM or early PM hours with us. The pork omelets with cream cheese will just blow every other breakfast/brunch you've ever had out of the water. It's really that good. The barbecue sauce seems like a strange addition, and unique it is, but so delish! They also put Tabasco sauce on the biscuits and gravy for a little kick! Don't knock it til you try it! The blood orange mimosas will tempt you and we recommend giving in to that temptation! The blood orange margarita and the citrus blossom are two of our favorite drinks to indulge in here and we recommend them very highly to you. If you're there for dinner, opt for the crunchy chicken, you will not regret it, and you'll likely return in the future for more! Happy hour is a really good time to come in and we also recommend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday if you want the best ambiance and atmopshere. There are no TVs and no wi-fi here, which we count as a good thing, because there's nothing to distract you from having a wonderful time with your Houston Limos friends. Visit this Hilshire Village fave with us!

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