Hedwig Village Limos Dining & Drinks

Three Sheets Bar & Grill

1900 S Kirkwood Dr | Houston, TX 77077 | (281) 589-1625
Three sheets to the wind, as they always say! That's what you'll be at Three Sheets Bar & Grill. Clearly one of the very best in the Hedwig Village area of Houston Limos' service area, this is a popular request from all of our local customers. They've got a really nice sized bar here that is more than capable of handling your largest limousine groups. There's even a large patio outdoors that you can enjoy when the weather's good and you're itching for some sunshine and good conversation in the open air. Karaoke nights are an absolute blast here and we can't recommend them any more highly than we do! Even if you don't sing, you'll love sitting back and watching the amateurs show off often very professional chops! And of course watching a few of them flop is all in good fun, too! Now, in terms of the food that's offered here, it's mostly your basic bar fare, but on Thursdays they have steak night, and that is the prime time to come in if you ask us! Served with a nice hearty baked potato, if you're a steak and potato kind of guy, this is your spot! Nice hours here too, from 3-12 Sunday, from 4-2 Mon-Thu, and from 3-2 Fri-Sat. A Houston Limos fave in Hedwig Village!


10001 Westheimer Rd | Houston, TX 77042 | (713) 532-9463
If a wine bar is more what you had in mind for your Houston Limos trip in Hedwig Village, Vintropolis is really a top recommendation for you. While most wine bars are very classy and even perhaps a bit pretentious, this one is no-frills and casual, just the kind of place that a Houston Limos group will enjoy when they're having a not-too-fancy celebration out here in Hedwig Village! Of course, the prices reflect that too, so you'll save some money if you choose this over the more elegant wine bars. The wine list is always very well chosen and not too large and imposing. The staff will be more than happy to steer you to a good choice if you're not quite sure what you like yet. You'll be very at home here, whether you're a wine expert or a beginner to tasting. The meat and cheese plate is all that they offer on-premise, but they furnish you with a list of delivery places in the nearby vicinity, which is so great. This means that you can enjoy their wonderful wines while your whole group enjoys their pick of all different kinds of food. There's even a Sherlock's right next door in case anyone strongly prefers beer over wine. Note that they're closed on Sundays!

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

788 W. Sam Houston Pkwy North | Houston, TX 77024 | (713) 827-1120
For a more upscale dinner in the Hedwig Village part of Houston Limos' service area, you'll surely want to choose Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar. By far one of the nicest and priciest places in town, if you've got the money to spend, you get more than what you pay for here! The steaks are of the highest quality and we're in love with the crab cakes and the tenderloin carpaccio with creole mustard sauce too. The three-course filet mignon and lobster for under $50 is always an excellent choice if you want to really celebrate and have something memorable and special. Both steak lovers and seafood lovers are right at home here, and so are wine lovers now that they have integrated a wine bar into the space! Very cool. The hours are pretty straightforward here: 5-9 on Sundays, 5-10 Mon-Thu, and 5-11 Fri-Sat. Despite the fact that this one's a chain restaurant, it is on a whole other level than all other chains out there, and the quality is just off the charts. They've even got a full bar with televisions in case you want to catch a little bit of the game while you're there. Outdoor seating? You bet. Dressy, upscale, charming, comfortable. A top Houston Limos recommendation in Hedwig Village!

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