Galena Park Limos Dining & Drinks

Warren's Inn

307 Travis St | Houston, TX 77002 | (713) 247-9207
Warren's Inn is one of the coolest little dive bars – er, not so little dive bars – in the Galena Park section of Houston Limos's service area! Indeed, this place is more than large enough for your limousine groups to really stretch out and enjoy yourselves, mingling and dancing and having a grand ol' time. If you're arriving at night, that curly cursive neon old school sign will beckon you through the door, and once you're in, you'll never want to leave. The juke box is well stocked with all the greatest hits that you could ever want to hear. Combine that with the great beer and liquor selection and you'll be grooving on late into the night. The low prices only make that even more possible for you and your group to do! If you're familiar with La Carafe, it shares an owner with this place, so you might just find that you love the vibe just as much. The amount of work that she has put into both really shows. There are televisions here for your sports-watching needs and the best nights to come in are Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. There is no happy hour here, but you don't need one with the low-low-low everyday prices. One of the best Houston Limos dives in Galena Park!

Moon Tower Inn

3004 Canal St | Houston, TX 77003 | (832) 266-0105
Moon Tower Inn is an awesome spot to grab some tasty hot dogs and also get a good buzz going! Usually you're grabbing the hot dogs at an all-nighter diner after the bar, but in this case you can enjoy them while you're sipping those cocktails and beers, and we certainly can't complain about that! This is definitely a good one for groups as there's plenty of comfortable seating for everyone. The lamb and boar hot dogs are the ones that we'd recommend most highly, and we are also huge fans of the venison. Who knew that there was a diner out there that combined our love of game meats with our love of hot dogs? Clearly you will be in heaven when you're here! Hot dog heaven, that is! We've also got to mention the fact that they have such enticing toppings and condiments, including our personal favorites, the ancho chile marmalade and the black pepper ketchup! Mm-mmm good, we just love it! There are something like two or three dozen beers on tap, which is in and of itself quite a feat! The lawn with picnic tables is one of our favorite places to sit, but you'll be at home here whether indoors or out. Hours are awesome: 12-12 Sun, 2-2 Mon-Thu, and 12-3 Fri-Sat!

Voodoo Queen

322 Milby St | Houston, TX 77003 | (713) 555-5666
Another dive bar that's really made a name for itself in the Galena Park section of Houston Limos' service area is Voodoo Queen in the Second Ward! This is an old fashioned dive bar at its very best. We're just in love with that packed-to-the-hilt juke box and they've got both pool tables and darts to keep you plenty busy while you converse with your Houston Limos group. The pago pago is one of our favorite specialty cocktails here, and we're also in love with the banana hammock. The people who hang out here are very laid-back and cool, very friendly and nice to mingle with! We'd say the same of the staff. They've got TV in case you need to catch the game on television and they've got a great happy hour when you'll be able to get your fave drinks on the cheap. Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays are rumored to be the very best days and nights to come in. Oh, let's not forget to mention the food here! We're talking about all the good stuff that your doctor wants you to stay away from, like grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers, deep fried fish, hush puppies, red beans and rice, and even chicken and waffles! Oh, boy. A Houston Limos dream come true in Galena Park!

Zip Codes for Galena Park: 77547