Bellaire Limos Dining & Drinks

Costa Brava Bistro

5115 Bellaire Blvd | Houston, TX 77401 | (713) 839-1005

Costa Brava Bistro has been a Houston Limos favorite for quite a bit now, with many of our loyal customers requesting it as a destination on quite a regular basis. This is a tapas bar that features both Spanish and French delicacies that will really impress your tastebuds. The Angeles paella is a wonderful seafood paella dish that will really satisfy any of the seafood lovers in your group. The steamed mussels are with tomatoes, leeks, and garlic are an amazing choice too. The scallops with shrimp and risotto, also magnifique! And let's not forget to mention the amazing pureed gazpacho that is a very light and yet satisfying choice. The seared gulf red snapper comes highly recommended too! In terms of the wine, we would very highly recommend the Gary Farrell 2010 Chardonnay, Russian River Valley, and we also loved the Bodegas LAN Gran Reserva 2005 Tempranillo, Rioja. If you're not an aspiring somelier, simply ask the server what they recommend. They will not steer you wrong. Your Houston Limos group will surely also enjoy the outdoor seating here that gives you a beautiful slice of Bellaire for your enjoyment. Dressy indeed, so look your best!

Samurai Japanese Steak & Sushi House

5317 Bissonnet St | Bellaire, TX 77401 | (713) 432-1858

Samurai Japanese Steak & Sushi House has really captured the attention of our Houston Limos customers in the Bellaire area. After all, this is one of the most upscale and beautiful restaurants in the area, decorated with such attention to detail, and filled with the best modern ambiance in the the surrounding area. The Asian fusion delicacies that are featured here are absolutely divine, and the Japanese steakhouse offerings are a particular favorite of ours. The hot geisha roll is a favorite and we can't get enough of the beef tataki. The spicy salmon roll is always an excellent choice, and if you really want to get wild, try the ozzy roll! The sea bass is one of the chef's specialties and you'll certainly be very pleased with that. Same with the lamb chops. Mmm! The hibachi is a wonderful form of traditional Japanese entertainment, watching your food be prepared and grilled on a sizzling hot tabletop. The sake toro is a very good choice and the escolar is really nice too. The hamachi sushi is something that you will certainly want to try as well. And how about the rock 'n roll and the nemo roll? Oh, we could just go on and on. A clear Houston Limos favorite in Bellaire!

Bellaire Coffee Shop

5422 Bissonnet St | Bellaire, TX 77401 | (713) 667-8667

Bellaire Coffee Shop is a bit of an old school diner located in the Houston Limos service area for your outings with all your good friends. Everyone in the area knows that this is the place to go for an amazing breakfast! The chili cheese omelet is one of the things that we'd recommend most highly to you, and we even love the simple sunny side up eggs with cheese on top! Mmm! The banana nut pancakes are great if you've got a sweet tooth, and the bacon is just perfectly cooked to order so you can really enjoy it the way you like it. The atmosphere is cozy diner all the way, and that's something that a whole lot of Houston Limos groups really appreciate. Definitely a throwback to the good old days in all the best ways possible. The prices are very affordable too! You'll certainly want to note that they are only open from 6-2 most days, and from 7-1 on Sundays. They normally do not accept reservations but you may want to call and speak with someone about your upcoming Houston Limos trip if you've got a whole lot of hungry diners. No alcohol here, but they do have TVs in case you want to catch some sports or headlines. Lots of space for groups!

Zip Codes for Bellaire: 77401, 77402